Monday, September 13, 2010

And the verdict is...

Nathans day at Teen Court finally arrived this evening. We arrived early with him dressed properly to face the judge. I listened to Nathan talk all the way over about how he was hoping to plea bargain his hours down. Having had his experience from volunteering as a peer attorney some time back, he was feeling a little cocky. But he was also a little leary since his ticket occurred in North Richland Hills. They have a horrible reputation of putting it to the kids.

As we waited in the court room, we patiently waited while quietly laughing at how goofy the attorneys looked. I know as a mother that this is not nice, but seriously, I would not let my kid out of the house looking like them. I was also looking around at each kid, secretly wondering what the offenses were. Nathan had never wanted me in the court room back in the day and I was looking forward to seeing the kids at work.

This was not to be....Nathan was called into a side room by an adult. And then he comes out with a big grin on his face only to announce to me....

"They said that they were too busy tonight and they were sending me home with the minimum of 10 hours community service."

I should be happy for him, however, I was not wanting this to be so easy for him. Oh well, he still has to perform his community service hours and for those who know Nathan, know that this just may be shear torture.

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  1. What kind of community service does he have to do?