Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do I have a screw loose or is it all coming together-Part one

So much has gone on in our lives and household the past two weeks. I feel a little out of whack or broken to say to the least. 

A week ago, this past Monday, Nathan was hit in the school parking lot. The young girl in her rice burner slammed into Nathaniel's sweet Nova at a speed estimated close to 35 mph. Unfortunately for Nathan, the "rule of the road" ....which might I add....does not always make sense....has worked against him. The insurance companies placed 80% of the blame on him.....ARGH! And if that was not bad enough, we had to fight our insurance company to look at all the details (which benefited us) and we went a week with the other family threatening to sue us even further.

The Hyundai hit his piece of steel so hard that the Nova was pushed a foot or so and continued the damage down the side of her car. Now I say that the "rule of  the road" is not always good as the adjusters informed us that was the only reason the decision was not reversed.

Other than Nathans pride, a lot of body damage that is going to cost time and money, and inconvenience....we are moving past this.

Thinking the accident had to be the end to the September drama left me totally wrong.

Nathan decided that he did not like that swim practice two days a week went 30 minutes longer. Not that I can blame him...I would not want to shower at the pool before school. He decided to leave early two days, which lead to a call from the coach telling me how disrespectful he is and that disciplinary action or removal from the team may be necessary.

I am sorry but it is all that I can do to keep it together at this point.

There was a little relaxation that did take place with some homecoming mum making. However, that can not be revealed until later in the month.

And this leaves me with last week ending and the start of a new one....

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  1. Such a bummer! Hopefully things start looking up. Is your new job nursing?