Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do I have a screw loose or is it all coming together-Part two

This week I started a new job. A job where you don't take home your worries from the day. An environment where all the employees are friendly and team work is just something that they all do. In other words, a stress free place to work. 

This job was totally unplanned; as the opportunity sprung upon me last week so quick that I did not have time to contemplate the decision I had made. I mean a few weeks ago, I would never had considered a job with such a cut in pay. And felt good about it. Well, I have some anxiety about the money, but I have a deep inner feeling that this was meant to be at this time in my life.

Wednesday, we had a heck of a tropical storm come through. More rain than we have had in some time. While at work, we watched a creek overflow into the streets. The storm led to street and school closures. It was quite a site to the eyes. I was a bit bummed that I did not have my camera at work so I could   capture the day.

A fine day I was having. I had spoke with Nathan early in the day and was relieved to hear that there was no drama at swim. Steve had swam his way to work safely; and I was quickly learning my new nursing duties. 

What a great day and then....

I received a call from my manager at the hospital. Not a good sign and my instinct was correct.  I was informed that I am to be reprimanded for the care I gave a patient a couple shifts back. It is too long of a saga to go into and quite frankly irritates me to my core. Maybe I will go into this at a later time.

Yesterday evening, I removed our broken front door handle (it broke a month ago) and replaced it with a new one. Piece by piece...with a little sweat and went together. 

I am now thinking with all of the turmoil of August and the start of September...That maybe all of these events are coming together for a particular reason. The reason has yet to be disclosed.

I am going to be working more days but probably less hours. The decrease in pay will be very noticeable. But the stress should be less. I will be home every night to lovingly bother my son. Hopefully to remind him to be the best he can be. Maybe these pieces of life will lead to harmony in another very important area in my life. Or maybe I am just reading a little too deep into this.

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  1. I always find it interesting when Snohomish floods. I think for those of us from Sunny CA-it will always be an amazing site.

    As for the door knob-mine is broken. Since you know how to fix it I think you should come fix mine :)