Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Rambles; not sure where to begin

I love reading Screwed UpTexan's daily posts, but I especially get a kick out of her Wednesday Rambles, from whom the idea came from CrazyTexasMommy.

I often have many things to which I want to say....and quite frankly...I don't always want to worry about grammar and such. So here goes the rants:

  • I've been seriously thinking about getting into the twitter thing lately
  • Not quite sure as I a hear all about the "twitter etiquette" 
  • Kinda thinking that I just don't want to worry about anymore etiquette
  • School is back into full swing and I find myself with a BIG pit in my stomach
  • Husband decided that school two nights a week wasn't enough; so he signed up for a third
  • Son is in his last year of school....who needs to be home anyways
  • Nothing like a father-son graduation month....SON gets priority
  • But I do love my husband and his efforts to be done
  • Wiping butts and dealing with junkies is just not my thing lately
  • I wonder how big of a pay cut we can handle?
  • Snotty teenage girl rammed her rice burner into sons sweet classic car. Who do you think insurance will blame {sarcasm}
  • Maybe he can sublet his senior parking spot 
  • Husband says August was possibly the worst month of his life...he may just be right.
  • Been up for over 24 hours now and starting to feel it...and writing probably shows it.
Not a very long post, but feels good to join the Wednesday Rambles and get this stuff off my chest.

 Seriously, if you have a hookup with GOOD Karma; feel free to send it our way.

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  1. You should do as my hubs Mother Trucker does, where the Karma shirt. Maybe it will attract some your way?

    Or not.

    August was pretty much hell for me too.