Monday, August 30, 2010


This morning I went to a cardio-kickboxing class....and I did not die!

Well, not yet at least. I suppose I will decide tomorrow if I am going to live or die.

I thought it was quite an accomplishment though; to not completely trip over myself as the instructor was far more limber/coordinated than this old out-of-shape body of mine at times.

No seriously, I was pretty coordinated until he added on some fairly quick movements and I got caught up staring and stumbling for a bit. I apologize to those behind me that had to endure the site.

Limber I once was and have definitely lost. Lets not even discuss the endurance level that disappeared somewhere along the path of adult life.

If I can manage to live through the pain that I know will come tomorrow...then I will tackle another class.


  1. I love kickboxing because it's one that people aren't really paying attention to what you're doing they're just focusing on themselves!! Way to go!!!!

  2. I commend your zeal. I took a kickboxing class when I was taking karate classes for another level belt and it was surprisingly hard... and I was very fit at the time. Now? Forgeddaboutit! Following you from Woo Us to Your Blog Hop.

  3. thanks elizabeth for the encouragement.