Monday, August 23, 2010

First day school and more

Today my one and only started his senior year of high school. As many moms look forward to this day...for me it is TOTALLY bittersweet! I was glad that school was back in session. However, I am not ready for the kid to not be around for me to hangout with or "ANNOY" as Nathan would probably say.

This morning, I went to gym for the first time since 2003...when I had to take a phys ed class for college....and before that....I would have to say in the early nineties. The equipment has changed. Modern and foreign. I did not DIE though, as I thought that  I might do. Thankfully, I go Thursday for an assessment and learn to use the equipment. And just maybe...I will actually continue to go.

This weekend, I was invited to the lake with a great friend. The lake house was huge and beautiful. The weather beyond sweaty. However, fun and relaxing. My friends had rented this property and planned this sixteenth birthday party for their daughter. My only rant here is that I have never seen a group of girls that were so ungrateful for such a great weekend. Really, is it that hard to throw away your soda cans and clean up spilt tanning oil!

Phew! and let the week begin.

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  1. We had fun with Nate at dinner. Dad cooked great burgers. We look forward to our Monday night specials with him again