Sunday, August 15, 2010

Senior Paint Day

Nathan, Issac, Matt and Mark 
(hope I didn't mix up the twins)
It has been a tradition for the senior class at Central High School, since the school opened six years ago, to hold senior paint day. This is a tradition that I would totally have participated in!

It starts something like this....

A week ago this past Friday night, was campout in the parking lot night, if you wanted to buy your parking spot for the school year. Total chaos I am sure. And yes, Nathan and his buddies decided that they would hang out that night with 196 others and a couple of Fort Worth Police Officers. Per the recollection of a very tired teen, the cops were cool and escorted us to Whataburger because they (officers and kids) were all hungry in the wee hours of the morning.

cool mom showed up with cold water for the guys

(and yes, that is paint on my car)

So bright and early Saturday, these teens that would normally prefer to be sleeping, awoke and headed to the parking lot with paint and supplies in hand. Paint and designs had to be approved and the fun in the 100+ temps began. Yes, we are in a heat wave and it was this hot this early.

Four spots which will contain one design

As the guys already had made plans for this day, only the white basecoat was completed. They will be finishing up their four spots sometime this week. I am totally excited to see the outcome of their creativity.

Stay tuned.....


  1. I can't wait to see what they cme up with. Great idea on the schools part!

  2. Ah man-that was like a tease. I thought I would get to see what they painted. They better hurry up I want to see what they paint.