Friday, August 20, 2010

Cool Face

This morning, Isaac and Nathan got up early to finish their parking spots. The twins ditched out....lucky for them the design covered all four spots. There was a breeze making the heat a little more tolerable.

Isaac is totally talented and free handed their "Cool Face". Nathan was the touch up guy.

This is looking at the four spots from the standing on the spots next to theirs.

This is the view of all four spots as if you were pulling in. I told them that they need to outline the design in black. The white is a little blinding at times. I also recommended added the year....I was out voted.

Here is a small sampling of some of the creativity. Bryce is on the swim team.


  1. Looks good-quite creative.I want to paint my parking spot at work. (although I have to park on the street)

  2. It is cool. I wish we could do things like that when I was in school.