Friday, August 13, 2010

No Patience Today

I am not sure why I am supposed to continually have lessons on exhibiting patience. Seriously, I would love for this lesson to go away.

Maybe it is that I am visibly a bit tense and on edge at the moment. Feeling like I have lost any and all control to many things that I feel are important in my life.

Or is it the past lessons were just teasers to what was to come....must try not to ponder this one.

Are my expectations set too high?..... Hmmm.

The week started something like this:

1. meeting with one of my sons bosses to see why they sent him an email eluding that he was fired
2. attempting to register son at the local college for his dual credit class; only to be almost yelled out that we    were the 5th students from his high school with the incorrect paperwork.
3. had a patient grab hold of me and tweak my back...leading to filling out a work comp form
4. failed attempt to register son for college class per college instructions (followed to the tee)

5. called the college to find out they still do not have the high school kids in the system; and are hoping that it will be fixed before the high school year starts.
6.going to high school today to pick up sons schedule only to find out that they completely butchered it

Now this is where I lost it and may have come across looking like a complete mad woman. The counselor became my sounding board. But in the end, I accomplished nothing with my little tyrant. I still have to go fight for the corrections next week....sigh.

It is time to breathe and realize that I failed this test on patience and that I should expect another. Probably even bigger and uglier.

Seriously though, I am grateful for the chance to wake up tomorrow and be given the chance to have a redo.


  1. I remember the days of phone calls and then going to the school to work out the problems. It always had me worked up, but in the end I would get what i wanted done. Just ask Ms Pina, she knew I meant fro the first time when I raised hell about grades depending on how much candy you sold.....she never forgot that one or me. I could not wait for the high school years to end by the time Brody was almost done. Keep up the mother one said it would be easy, only worth it.

  2. I hate days like that. I dont look forward to having to deal with that stuff when the kids are older.