Thursday, August 12, 2010

An attempt at Senior Pictures

Nathaniel at school Senior Photo Shoot

We went last month to the OVERPRICED photography joint that the school said we had to go to for senior yearbook pictures. Yes, in this day and age, the schools make you pay for seniors to have their picture placed in the annual. This is a whole tyrant that I could go off on but will spare everyone. Needless to say, it had to be done, especially if you are an only child and have me for a mom.

I really hoped that I would not like any of the pictures and it would be easy to say no to the purchasing pitch. I was  disappointed, as there were a lot  of fantastic shots of Nathaniel. Imagine my surprise to see how photogenic he can actually be.

And then I decided that I would take a peak at the pricing. YIKES! It became a no brainer that I would not be able to purchase any of these awesome photos. Seriously, when you open the packet and it comes with an insert that states...."payment plans available".

Sigh!!! I really did not want to like any of those shots. Why or Why did he have to cooperate this time.

Well I had already had a private (wanting to go professional) photographer lined up. Who, by the way, was completely affordable. I was really glad to have another option.

This morning, we got up and going early for a 7am shoot in downtown Fort Worth. Our location wound up being overgrown and full of glass. (we later went to a different non-nature site that Nathan preferred). I told Julianne (photographer) to just go with it....which she did. You could tell that she is fairly new to the business, but was totally nice. She admitted she has not worked with a lot of stubborn teen boys who refuse to smile or put on the fake/bad looking smile. I.E. my son.

Julianne took around 400 shots....she cooperated really well. I can only hope that the annoyed teenage son has a handful of good shots that turn out. That would make mom really really happy. Especially since $400 for pictures is not in the budget. In a few days, I will see. Until then, crossing my fingers.


  1. I've seen lots of great Nate pics. As to the school stuff, I was gripping about it when Brody was a Senior.

  2. I can't wait to see some of the pictures and they would not be a true reflection of Nate if he was smiling in the pictures.