Sunday, August 8, 2010

Think before you speak

Choose your words wisely. They can never be taken back.

How true is this saying above. I would also add to consider your tone too....TONE can change the meaning of what one may actually be trying to say and how the recipient hears your words. Leading the words intended meaning to that of offense or hurt towards the other. Damage being the end result.

Over my 39 plus years of life, I have experienced this kind of hurt. Just as I may have provided that same kind of hurt to those around me at one time or another. Thus, leading me to reflect on this saying the past few weeks.

SADLY, I am human and have had words fly out of my mouth before realizing what I actually said. I have had numerous occasions when I should have bit my tongue or thought twice before speaking. And yes, I may have had to plead with you to believe that I did not mean what I actually said.

Sometimes words can easily be forgiven. Other times, I wonder if forgetting and forgiving will ever occur, even with time. This is something that I need to practice in my everyday life...and then....just maybe...I will be able to forgive the ones that have hurt me most.

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