Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek-Mum making is done

Sneak peek to the two we made for Nathans and Isaac's dates
For those of you who do not live in Texas (maybe the South....I'm not quite sure), homecoming mums are a tradition. You can get anywhere from a small single mum all the way to a large triple mum. Some girls are happy with simple ones and to other girls the fuller, blingier the better. Some will parade them around cute while others will wear them like a sash. Most of the time, they are as big as the girls and you wonder how they don't tumble over.

Kim (Pam's mom) giving a sneak peek to Nathans
Now don't think that the boys are left out. They are not. The guys wear decorated garters on their upper arms.

Now this is a racket for the crafting industry. So wish I would have been the one to come up with the idea. Can you say CHA CHING CHA CHING! If the kids are to purchase them at school, the small ones start out  around $75.00. The highest priced one that I saw at Michael's Crafts was about $275.00.

I set up a mum making get together with a few friends to save some moola. I bought supplies to make two 3 1/2 ft mums. I spent somewhere around $100.00 for both.  Now I thought that I was being clever and had purchased my supplies early. Only to realize that I bought the supplies for an under classman and had to return everything for the senior silver and white.

Mom (Kim) showing off the one for Isaac
I had offered to make one of Nathans friends his to help save him some money. Mom thought the idea was neat so I enlisted her help. I am not quite sure she enjoyed it in the end. And then some of the ribbons and trinkets fell off and I had to redo it.....Lets say two large mums is too much for me. Sadly, Becky was unable to make it or I would have a picture of a large three mum.

the top part or the mum itself
This is the top to the ones that I made. Bears tend to be the typical item placed in the center. You can do other things instead, for example, Becky was placing a hat and some miniature mums on hers. Personal creativity is the key. I just happen to know that Pam will like the bear.

The one on the left is the one Nathan is giving to Pam. I may add some more silver stars to the bear. The one on the right is Isaac's that he will give to his girlfriend Brittany. She had requested light pastel green ribbon (not at all the theme or school colors), so I think that I will change out the white bow that the bear is holding for her request.

I am excited for homecoming, glad that Nathan has a date and hope that both the girls like them. I labored today to finish them and I am now officially mummed out.


  1. I vaguely remember my high school having mums to send for homecoming, but I definitely don't remember anything that crazy! You are a way nicer mom than Nathaniel will ever appreciate! Well, hopefully someday he will.

  2. When I was in high school a million years ago, they had real china mums for the girls that would last maybe a day or two

  3. Ok that is a weird tradtion! But I think the boys should have made them. I could just see Nate making a mum (haha)fun though I wish I could of done them with you.