Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final chapter to neverending saga

This time last year, as I struggled with fostering children in hopes of building our family, I had come to a point where I needed to take a break. A time of reflection was realize what I really wanted to accomplish with this journey. Our agency told us that we could take a one year hiatus and not have to worry about classes, inspections, interviews and everything else that comes with being a foster parent. Having been told that we had until a specific date in one year, we would then be able to pick up where we left we had never left. In April, I made contact with the agency director to clarify what we had been told and asking the final date for our decision. Again, I was told the same instructions.


I had trusted and believed the instruction given and have now been burned by this advice. Having said this, I had decided that I was ready to jump back in. To help where we would be needed. I now had a new mindset to why I wanted to be a foster parent. A week prior to the date I had been given, I called our agency director and let them know we were ready to commit and become once again an active family.


I was informed that we had waited too long to decide on reactivating....that we would have to start from  square one. Repeating the initial class to be foster parents (20 hours I believe). An additional 15 hours of continuing education on top of the standard yearly criteria. I again asked for clarification to what I had been told previous. I offered to refresh them with the emails received. Nope....they will not budge on there decision. Only a pathetic sorry was received for the miscommunication that they provided.


I realize that this is a route that can be grimaced taken and we would again be able to help children that are in need. However, it is far too grueling to sit through again. I have endured more than the majority in this journey and know when it is time to just say done. And sadly, I think this is the time to say enough is enough. I can do this and attempt to move on since the chapter now has to be closed. I will find it much harder to know that we let down our foster daughter Miss K who called a couple of months ago just to make sure we had our license. I will probably always  have this somewhere in my brain that out of just needing some time to reflect that we will not be able to legally take her in if the time was to come.

So as this book comes to an end, I will just send a polite email to the agency letting them know that a good family was let go.....and to voice my opinion and hopes that with the next family just needing some time....that they provide the correct information.                                      

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  1. I'm so very sorry to read this, but i completely understand your 'final' chapter. I have often thought about sticking my toes in, seeing about becoming a foster family, but i hear a whisper in my ear saying "Not yet". I'm not sure what that's about....but much love to you.