Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seventeen Years Today

Nathaniel: meaning- a gift from God

Nathaniel...maybe a couple months old

Seventeen years today, I was blessed to become a mommy to this wonderful baby. On this day, it never would have entered my mind that this little angel would be my one and only. To be a first born like both his father and mother. The first of all the cousins. The first boy out of six boy grandkids. This was Nathans time to shine. To inherit all of the attention. Complete and utter spoildness.

On this day and the days to come, I would have never imagined all the emotions that I would experience. The lessons of being a mother that would be learned. The memories that would become engraved somewhere in this head of mine.

Nathaniel...17 today

Oh how time flies....way to quick for me. My baby is a baby no more. Almost a man, who is ready to leave his nest and make a path of his own. I wish I could keep him close to me forever....but I am smart enough to know that our relationship one day will have to change. Tonight I can not think about that. It is a moment to enjoy and reflect.

I have grown just as he has. No longer a young mother, but one who has learned that mommyhood did not come with a how to manual. Mistakes have been made and forgiveness has been learned. Special memories to be remembered more than others. A fondness for Thomas the Tank Engine will forever make me reflect of the many hours we played on the floor. The way Nathan taught me to play Pokemon Cards. The time when he disappeared and was to be found at a park after following much older kids. All the lunches that he and I have shared over the years. The hours spent at swim meets. These are just a few of the times that I love to remember.

Nathaniel has brought me an unconditional love that I would have never been able to fathom. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for this gift which I was given. I never would have fully understood how the meaning of his name would fit so well. A gift Nathaniel truly has and forever will be.


  1. Happy Birthday! Wow, that was a beautiful post for a sweet! His names suits him well!

  2. Happy Birthday (sorry a bit late)

  3. Awe, you bring tears to my eyes! I can't believe Nate is so old. I still remember him sitting in the cuboards at moms and me taking him to Del Taco (when he was was little) and then he ripped up his quesdalla in my car because I would not let him have ketchup with it. I remeber being soooo mad at you for moving to UT and taking him away from me!!!