Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Son

It is officially the last moments of Nathaniel being a minor (per the state of Texas). My baby is no longer a baby. Tomorrow he turns 17. How time flies! Nate (as he likes to be called), has been a joy, a trial, an ongoing lesson, a miracle, the adjectives can go on. I love my son.

There are many things about Nathan that contribute to who he is. Some of these traits drive me absolutely batty. Others I just completely relish. Either way...they make up who he is...and for this moment I want to share just a little.
  • the music he listens to is great most of the time
  • he has always been smart and inquisitive
  • a gaming geek
  • he is a natural leader
  • completely loves his doggy
  • eats up historical facts like its nothing
  • adventure is in his blood and sometimes he actually knows it
  • he is a carnivore (hopefully one day he will try a fruit or veggie)
  • drives a way cool car
  • is a swimmer
  • loyal to his buddies
  • likes to have mom and son lunches
  • almost an Eagle Scout (even if his mom did have to push it)
  • pretty laid back
  • sometimes a loner
  • learned to bake a chocolate cake from scratch when he was around nine
  • hates trees and not a fan of the green movement
  • he will always have a soft spot for Pokemon and Mario Brothers
This is Nathaniel. My son. And I sure love him. Happy early birthday my love!

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  1. Oh I remember when you told me we were not to call him Nate-it was Nathaniel-hahaha I won in the end!!!

    I love the idea of your post-listing the things about him.