Friday, June 4, 2010

School is out...Let summer begin


Today was the last day of school for the 2009-10 year. The last day that Nathaniel was officially a junior. Tomorrow begins his last summer home as a boy in high school.

Accomplishments for the year: 
 Earning your drivers license
 Buying your first car
 Getting hired at your first job
 Completing your eagle scout project
 Obtaining a darn good score on your SAT
 Touring and interviewing at three colleges
 Completing your third year on swim team
 Being voted swim captain for next year
 Being inducted into French Honor Society
 Completing your year with all A's and B's

I am ready for summer to begin. Not the typical humid three digit weather. But the activities and hopefully lesser stress that can come with this time of year. A big vacation planned over July fourth week. Fridays at the water park with my Friday pal and a couple of other nephews. And whatever else the season brings.

As for Nathaniel, well, he is ambivalent at best. The water park is proving that he may be working 40 hours a week. Then he has his one shift a week at Game Stop. And finally finishing up his Eagle Scout. Sadly, no sympathy card from his parents, grandparents or any other adult he has attempted to get it from. And to my is especially hard for me to let him have this type of schedule. I would love to have him all too myself. Except that is not how it would would be him and even longer hours spent on the computer and gaming. And that would cause me stress which would be released on Nathaniel. Therefore, he may as well make some cash and hopefully work on building his character.


  1. Yay for the end of the school year. My hubby and teach fifth grade and we both understand the big relief at the end of a tough school year. It sounds like your son is on the right track for success and he has a supportive family! By the way your blog design is super cute... My fav colors!

  2. Your little boy is truly growing up! :0)

  3. Nate has done a lot this year. Only one more year.