Friday, June 18, 2010

Water Time

I had been waiting for the opportunity to be at the water park when Nathaniel was working. I could not wait to have the opportunity to snap a few photos. Today was that day...and was not as easy as I was hoping to get some good up close- in- action shots.

Scanning his part of the pool

watching over the wave pool with the waves in motion

walking past mom with his annoyed look

As I watched my son (and when we talk about his work days), I am often totally amazed at how he has grown up. No longer my little boy, but close to being a man. I see how he handles the responsibilities this summer job and am convinced that his parents must have done something right.

I once lifeguarded at a city pool...much smaller and easier to watch than this big, meandering and wavy place. My biggest worry was keeping kids from running, slipping on the pavement, and monitoring a diving board. Nathans...well...mass crowds, lots of tubes, people of all ages and sizes, slides, kiddie land...and sometimes, some really dumb people. Maybe, as I ask my son thousands of questions and enjoy watching him work, I am, just a little, living vicariously again through him (only at a much more intense level).

For the past three Fridays (and many more to come), I have spent many hours in an inner tube with Axel on my lap and my mom at my side. We have ventured in the utter coolness of water meandering through the lazy river. Conquering the sun beating down on us while floating in the wave pool. Helping Axel learn to get over his fear of the water slides and down pouring of water in certain areas. And relishing in the moments of lovely conversation while watching a little boy enjoy the simple pleasures of summer at a water park.

These are the days that I look forward to and help me get through long shifts at work and the occasional dark times that haunt me from time to time. For these are the moments I get to relish watching my son grow in this part of his life. I can forget that another child never came my way as I become completely exhausted with my Friday pal. I get to have some time in the sun and water which I have always loved. And on many of these days, I get to have the time with my mom (and dad sometimes too).


  1. He's so mature and responsible. You were a success as a mother...and still are! Way to go, mom! :))

  2. We saw him the other day! I don't know that he knew who these two old ladies were who called his name! (me and Laura, my SIL) funny!

  3. thats too funny aurora. i'm an old lady that plays there too.

  4. Oh I wish we could be enjoying some days at the water park with you guys-right now we just get to play in the rain-but kids have played in the sprinkler twice!

    Nate has turned out to be a great kid because you have loved him so much!

    Maybe next summer we can go there and enjoy H2o with ya all.