Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dads Day Dads

There are a few dads that I would like to let know how glad I am that they are apart of my dad (Larry), my dad-in-law (Larry) and my husband. Pictures and a few select reasons why they are important to me:
My dad

* he is my dad
* he is very handy and helps with projects and duties that either I can not do or find very unappealing
* he helped my son build my deck that I oh so love
* he mows my yard in horrible Texas heat and humidity (and likes it)
* he lived with three daughters
* he is a fantastic grandpa to all the grand kids
* he has learned patience over his years
* I'm sure there are many more reasons why I love my dad

Steve and Nathaniel

* he helped me create our son
* he tries his best to be the best dad he can be
* he has many things in common with Nathaniel that I just do not get
* he helped detox and love our sweet Miranda and then comforted me when she was no longer with us
* he is a great uncle to all the kids

Larry (dad-in-law)

* he helped create my husband
* he loves me like his own daughter
* he is a great man to be able to say I know
* he has helped us out many times over the years
* he is an awesome grandpa
* he is very talented and is spending some of his golden years being an extra in films and commercials
* again, there are many more reasons that I could list...but the blog would never come to an end

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  1. Another great post (I don't know how I missed all these this week)