Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A sad tomato day

Was it a bug or bird...I will never really know. All I am sure of is that I have been giving this tomato plant lots of love and attention for weeks now. I have watered it daily per the instruction. And even fed it with miracle grow once a week. I was filled with excitement when my first bloom blossomed into a baby tomato. So imagine my disappointment when I went to water today and I saw that some creature decided to feast upon my one ten dollar tomato (no other bloom has yet to blossom).


  1. I had a sad strawberry day yesterday-We had one strawberry that was finally turning red and Lily snatched it off the vine and took nibbles off of it. My tomato plant is only a few inches big-not much has grown-2 tiny beans popped out of the ground today.

  2. Take your tomatoes off the plant when they are green and set them in the window sill to ripen... no problems with bugs or birds! :-)